What is Engineering about?

Simple Machines

Create a Word document with a table that has four columns and eight rows then complete it.

The Six (Seven) Simple Machines

  Name Definition Image Formulas

(Normally there are "six" simple machines but some people include gears as a seventh one.)

(To set out a formula, try inserting a table with only columns, a different column for each bit of the formula. Border thickness zero.)

Use the following links to get the information.

Teach Engineering: Just Plane Simple (copy images in bottom half)

Use Google to find any needed information on gears

Out of interest look at this page:


Then do this:

Simple machines exercise

Look at this exercise for little kids and mentally make sure you would be able to do it:


Fun activity - meant for young kids but still useful.

Go to

click on Start.

Choose activity - garage

Skip intro

Click on the different items and answer the questions.

Look at the others out of interest.


Aeronautical engineering

Go to this page:

Look through: what is Aeronautics

Look through: Dynamics of flight

Click on Airplanes -

Notice the six parts of a plane.

In a new browser window, open this pdf file: How a plane is controlled

Scroll down to Figure 2.

TASK: In a new Word document, DRAW an aeroplane like the one in Figure 2, and label it as in both figure 2 and the six parts of a plane in the other window.